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Forthcoming Events

Leadership in Ministry: Looking In

Wednesday 21st October 2015

to Wednesday 21st October 2015


The first of three one-day seminars on leadership in ordained ministry

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Preaching Luke

Wednesday 11th November 2015

to Wednesday 11th November 2015


Preparing for preaching on the Gospel according to St Luke in 2015-2016

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Occasional Worshippers

Wednesday 18th November 2015

to Wednesday 18th November 2015


A day looking at the challenges and opportunities of occasional worship.

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Renewing Worship in the Parish

Wednesday 25th November 2015

to Wednesday 25th November 2015


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Leadership in Ministry: Looking Around

Wednesday 3rd February 2016

to Wednesday 3rd February 2016


A study day looking at the skills of self-managing and prioritising, the use of time and taking care of ourselves in the competing demands of ministry

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Nurturing Urban Virtues

Wednesday 24th February 2016

to Wednesday 24th February 2016


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Responsibility without Authority

Saturday 5th March 2016

to Saturday 5th March 2016


A day reflecting the varied roles, challenges and opportunities for SSMs, NSMs, voluntary and retired clergy.

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Passion & Compassion - In preparation for Holy Week

Wednesday 9th March 2016

to Wednesday 9th March 2016


A study day away from Westcott focussing on some works of art at the National Gallery. Held in the National Gallery and at St James' Piccadilly.

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Deacons' Retreat

Monday 4th April 2016

to Wednesday 6th April 2016


A Retreat for Westcott alumni in preparation for their priesting

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Ministry in Teams

Wednesday 13th April 2016

to Wednesday 13th April 2016


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Building Community

Wednesday 27th April 2016

to Wednesday 27th April 2016


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Re-imagining Forgiveness and Reconciliation

Wednesday 4th May 2016

to Wednesday 4th May 2016


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Leadership in Ministry: Looking Outward

Wednesday 18th May 2016

to Wednesday 18th May 2016


This study day will look at the question of how we enable our congregations to engage in mission and evangelism and how we can lead people in the practice of incarnational ministry for our communities

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Eucharist and Mission: tension or convergence?

Wednesday 25th May 2016

to Wednesday 25th May 2016


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From Curacy to Incumbency

Wednesday 8th June 2016

to Wednesday 8th June 2016


A practical, thoughtful day for curates contemplating their next post.

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Clergy Retreat 2016 - Sacred Idleness: Prayer and Play

Monday 11th July 2016

to Thursday 14th July 2016


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