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Open Days 2017

You are very welcome to join us for an Open Day. If you are exploring a vocation to the priesthood or another form of public ministry, this is an opportunity to discover whether Westcott is the right place for you to explore your vocation and to study with us. Students and staff will be around during the course of the day to answer any questions you may have about opportunities for training and formation at Westcott.

Take a day to consider

  • Academic Pathways
  • Parish attachments
  • Overseas opportunities
  • Social context placements
  • Manchester and other parish placements

You are welcome to attend simply to find out more about Westcott or to be interviewed for admission. The day starts with coffee at 10am and finishes by 4pm. Partners and families are welcome.


Our next Open Days will be held on Saturday 11th February and Saturday 29th April 2017.  To book a place, please contact us on  +44 (0)1223 272974 or by email: admissions@westcott.cam.ac.uk

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