Revd Dr Victoria Raymer

Lecturer in Liturgy and Church History
Tel: 01223 272979

As Lecturer in Liturgy and Church History, Vicky teaches BTh32 Patterns of Christian Worship, TMM1537 Introduction to Worship, TMM44250 Worship and Human Community, TMM2157 Reformation Church History, and Ministry for Life.

She is a member of the CW Exam Board and is a Trustee of St Etheldreda’s Trust charitable trust for St Albans’ women clergy.

Vicky completed a PhD at Harvard whilst earning a law degree and practising law. She completed an Oxford theology degree from St Stephen’s House before serving for ten years as a curate and Vicar, before becoming Director of Studies at Westcott in 2001.

Vicky’s research interests are in historical and liturgical studies, and she enjoys parish and local community activities and art history.


The Bible in Worship (SCM, 2018)