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Cambridge Awards

We offer a range of academic programmes in conjunction with the Faculty of Divinity in the University of Cambridge. From its earliest beginnings, the University of Cambridge has provided a context of training and formation for Christian ministry and this tradition continues today.


We welcome applications from ordinands and independent students for the BTh and DTM. Tripos, the Advanced Diploma, the MPhil and PhD are pathways which are only available to ordinands. Independent students who wish to apply for these awards, should contact the Faculty of Divinity.


graduate Awards

Bachelor of Theology for Ministry (BTh)

Bachelor of Arts in Theological and Religious Studies (Tripos)

Diploma of Theology for Ministry (DTM)

Advanced Diploma in Theological and Religious Studies


Postgraduate Awards

Master of Philosophy

Doctor of Philosophy


The BTh, DTM, and Tripos are pathways approved by the Ministry Division of the Church of England. Further degrees such as the Advanced Diploma, MPhil, or PhD are programme suitable for some ordinands designated as potential theological educators and require an application to the Further Degree Panel.

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