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Federation Worship

Federation Worship takes place on a fortnightly basis in different venues across the Federation. Details for these services are provided on the the Federation Website. From time to time, Westcott will host Federation Worship. Attendance at Federation Worship is expected.Federation Worship is at 5.30pm. With the Covid-19 restrictions this year, worship will be held online. Details will be circulated in due course and will also be available on the Federation website. 


Where Federation Worship is Eucharistic, normal ecumenical hospitality guidelines apply. Our participation in the Eucharistic worship of fellow Christians is important for our mutual communion in Christ. Where we are invited to receive the Sacrament at worship of another Christian tradition, it is the norm for members of the Church of England to do so. Where there are exceptions to this rule, it is due to the discipline of other Churches rather than of the Church of England.

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