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New term, new faces: VP & Chaplain take post

The Reverend Dr Matthew Bullimore (L) and Father Earl Collins OSB (R)


The start of term has been a steep learning curve for some of our new arrivals, but two of our new faces face a very different set of challenges. The Reverend Dr Matthew Bullimore, who joins us as Vice Principal, and Father Earl Collins, who takes up the post of chaplain, share their thoughts on their first term on Westcott’s teaching staff


The Reverend Dr Matthew Bullimore arrives fresh from parish ministry in Yorkshire. As well as his administrative and pastoral role, he will be contributing to the teaching of Christian Doctrine. Matt is himself a Westcott alumnus, and shared his feelings on returning as VP.


'Lots of people have asked me if things have changed since I left here 12 years ago. When I arrived, it was just a few days after 11th September, 2001 and it feels like the world has changed a lot since. So has the church. The House has clearly developed and what is offered here reflects many of those changed circumstances. There are some things which haven't changed. The pattern of worship, admitting slight emendations, is the same bedrock of life here. I was amused that the chapel musician's gentle instructions on how to sing Anglican chant were exactly the same as they were 16 years ago. This is also the same: there is here an extraordinary group of diverse people with a passion for Christ, a desire to serve the church and to live out the Gospel in the world as we find it. This is an exciting place to be and one that is full of hope.' 

Fr Earl (Gregory) Collins OSB joins us as Chaplain to Westcott as part of his sabbatical year. This follows his period as Abbot of Dormition Abbey, the German monastery in Jerusalem. As well as his chaplaincy role, which he describes as ‘accompanying everyone in their following of Christ and helping them to discern the work of the Spirit in their lives’, he will also contribute to the life and service module for Westcott ordinands. He shared his thoughts on coming to Westcott as Induction Week came to a close.

‘I have long had a great love for Anglican theology, spirituality and liturgy, and have close friends who are alumni of the House. It is a pleasure to be here. I have been very positively impressed by many things, after just a few weeks: the warmth and friendliness of the ordinands, the dedication of the staff in their various departments (under the clear but gentle guidance of the Principal) and the beauty and prayerful quality of the community's worship - a kind of home from home for a Benedictine monk! I look forward to being of service as induction week evolves into the regular rhythms of the term.’

We are sure you will join us in wishing them well over the coming year.

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