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Vision and Mission

Our Vision


'The one who calls you is faithful.’ (1 Thess. 5.24)


Westcott House prepares and equips men and women for public ministry in order that they may bear witness to God’s love revealed in Jesus Christ, inspire the renewal of the Church, and participate confidently and imaginatively in God’s mission of justice and reconciliation in the world.


Our Mission


Located in the vibrant context of Cambridge, and rooted in both the academic excellence and remarkable diversity of the Cambridge Theological Federation, we aim:


  • To provide the foundation for a life of public ministry through the rigorous integration of spiritual and personal development, theological learning, and ministerial and practical experience.
  • To establish and support a pattern of lifelong learning that will sustain a life of ministry and service in a range of changing and demanding contexts.
  • To provide high quality teaching for all engaged in ministerial formation in a stimulating academic environment.
  • To promote research, to animate the renewal of catechesis and discipleship, and to develop the potential of future theological educators.
  • To provide a diverse, ecumenical and international environment for theological education where students can discover the value of ‘a fellowship of differences.’
  • To ensure that our common life is framed and fashioned by Word and Sacrament as we share in a pattern of daily prayer and Eucharist.
  • To work in dynamic partnership with institutions and agencies which are committed to the flourishing of local churches and the transformation of society.
  • To serve the Church of England and the wider Anglican Communion.


Our Values


We seek to prepare people for public ministry who are:


  • Holy and faithful ministers, disciplined in the life of prayer, nourished by Word and Sacrament, and growing in their awareness of themselves in relation to God and others.
  • Wise and instinctive theologians, immersed in the riches of the Christian tradition, committed to intellectual rigour, and alert to the demands of public ministry in an ecumenical and multifaith context.
  • Compassionate and effective pastors, creatively engaged with God’s mission in the world, passionate about the transformation of society, and committed to the flourishing and renewal of the local church.

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