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The Westcott House Designated Officer for Safeguarding is:

The Revd Dr Naomi Wormell



+44 (0)1223 272977






The Westcott House Deputy Designated Officer for Safeguarding is:


Mrs Emma Jeeves



+44 (0)1223 272972






The Westcott House Safeguarding Representative (Governing Body) is:


Mrs Morag Bushell








The Diocese of Ely Safeguarding Team: 


Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser

Rebecca Boswell




+44 (0)1353 652731

Mob: 07904 487912



Diocesan Safeguarding Officer

Sarah King



+44 (0)1353 652735




Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser


Sharon Gage




+44 (0)1353 652706

Mob: 07507 741295



Assistant Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser


Lisa Pearson




+44 (0)1353 652738

Mob: 07990 581267 



Diocesan Safeguarding Administrative Support (DBS Checks)


Jackie Cox 






+44 (0)1353 652721






Local Social Care Services

Name of Authority: Cambridgeshire County Council

Children's Services:

Tel: Office Hours

Tel: Emergencies Out of Office Hours          


+44 (0)345 045 5203

+44 (0)1733 234724




Adult Services:

Tel: Office Hours

Tel: Emergencies Out of Office Hours          


+44 (0)345 045 5202

+44 (0)1733 234724






Non Emergencies                                       








National Helplines:

Things to remember:

  • Treat everyone with respect, setting a positive example for others.
  • Respect personal space and privacy.
  • Ensure any actions cannot be misrepresented by someone else.
  • Challenge unacceptable behaviour.
  • Do not put anyone, including yourself, in a vulnerable or compromising situation.
  • Do not have inappropriate physical or verbal contact with others.
  • You must not keep allegations or suspected abuse secret.

What to do if you have concerns about possible abuse (including allegations):

  • In an emergency, call emergency services 999.
  • Otherwise, consult the Designated Officer for Safeguarding.
  • Decide together whether to seek advice or to make an immediate referral to police or care services (see back page for contacts).
  • Always ensure that the Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser is contacted (the Designated Officer for Safeguarding will usually do this).
  • Keep a record of what happened, your concerns and your actions.
  • In consultation with the Designated Officer for Safeguarding, tell the person to whom you are responsible and the principal.
  • Only tell others who need to know.
  • Do not alert the alleged perpetrator.

What to do if a child, young person or adult wishes to disclose they have been abused:

  • Listen. Keep listening. Do not question or investigate.
  • Do not promise confidentiality; tell them we need to share this.
  • Assure them they are not to blame.
  • Tell them what you are going to do and that they will be told what happens.
  • Make careful notes of what is said, record dates, times, events and when you are told.
  • Report it to the person to whom you are responsible and your Designated Officer for Safeguarding or Principal.
  • Only tell those who need to know.



Westcott House’s Safeguarding policy may be downloaded here





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