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What is the Desmond Tutu Centre?


Core to Christ's teaching are the themes of reconciliation, humility, and justice. Desmond Tutu, moreso than any other prominent Anglican, embodies these qualities, and what can be achieved through them.  The Desmond Tutu Centre will bring together leaders from across society to focus on real problems, and identify solutions. Different elements of the programme will focus on clergy, young people, social engagement and research. An ambitious building programme will provide new teaching, learning and work space.

  • A leadership forum, bringing together leaders from religion, business, government, and the third sector, alongside the communities they represent, to tackle specific issues confronting society
  • A young leaders programme, bringing together students from Hong Kong, the UK, and Africa, for an intensive leadership programme in Cambridge
  • Funded Scholarships and Studentships alongside Cambridge University, to research the themes of the Centre and create resources for free distribution
  • An expansion of our highly successful Westcott Foundation, providing ongoing support and learning opportunities for serving clergy


What will the new building consist of?


In August of 2017, we received a donation of £1.5m that has enabled us to start work on a major refurbishment on G and H bloc, making 12 rooms into en suite accommodation and enlarging and improving the Cunningham Lecture Room. This is the first stage in our Desmond Tutu Centre building programme, and secures permission for the next phase, a £4.5m new Centre with 140 seat lecture theater, 4 new seminar spaces, roof garden, 10 teaching offices, and extended library facilities. Not only will this building help us meet our academic ambitions, preparing clergy for the challenges of the 21st Century; it will be a home for the Desmond Tutu Centre's activities. 


You can view provisional plans here. 


Join us: Support the Desmond Tutu Centre 

Donations to the Centre are extremely valuable. Gifts at all levels will have a substantial impact - whether naming a seat in the auditorium for £10 a month, or funding the new library, you will be making a mark on generations of students.


Make a gift to the centre here. 



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