Life at Westcott

Our community is formed through four spaces: the Chapel, classroom and contextual learning, the Common Room, and community meals in Hall.


Many of our buildings are Grade II listed. Please find below information on the accessibility of our buildings and facilities. Our aim for Westcott to be as access friendly as possible continues to be central to our development plans.

College grounds (generally): Our main entrance has access through the archway onto our terrace with no steps. There are steps leading down from our terrace into Old Court and the surrounding buildings with no ramp or lift access currently. Old Court can also be accessed via our car park entrance which has no steps.

College buildings (generally): Most buildings at Westcott are accessed by at least one or two steps, and many without a handrail. There is a ramp from Old Court up into the cloister area and we have lift access up to our main Lecture Room and up to an accessible bedroom suite.

Chapel: There are concrete ramps leading up from Old Court to the Chapel entrance under the cloister. Inside, the chapel is spacious, with both pews and moveable chairs.

College offices: All of the buildings which contain college offices are accessed by at least two steps up. With advance notice we can arrange for you to meet staff elsewhere.

Common room: The common room is located on our terrace and has a sloped entrance. Inside the common room is carpeted, with moveable furniture.

Dining Hall: Our dining hall can be accessed either via our main terrace where there is a small step into the entrance or via an alternative entrance with an internal stone stairwell of 5 steps. The dining room itself is spacious and level inside, with moveable tables and wooden bench seating.

Gardens: Old Court garden is situated in the centre of the college grounds. It is surrounded by slabbed pathways which are uneven and narrow in some places. There is a large level lawn which is often used for croquet and the garden contains a number of moveable benches. Old Court garden is accessible from the car park without having to go up or down any steps. From the main entrance, Old Court is only accessible by steps on either side of the terrace.

New Court garden is accessible from the car park which has no steps.

Library: The library is situated under our cloister area and can be accessed via concrete ramps leading up from Old Court. There are 9 well-spaced desks at which to work separated by large bookcases and there is a fairly narrow aisle which runs down the centre.

Reception and post room: Reception is situated in C Block (or The Bursary) on the main terrace and is accessed by three steps leading into a narrow corridor. Post for staff is distributed via pigeonholes in reception. The post area for students is located under our cloisters and has a step in.

Toilets: There is a disabled toilet inside one of our accommodation blocks which has an automatic entrance door into the block and can be accessed via the car park where there are no steps. There is also a disabled toilet in the corridor outside our main lecture room which is accessible via a lift.

The Cunningham Room: This is our main lecture room and can be accessed by a lift. The room itself is level and spacious inside, with carpet and moveable furniture. There is also a hearing loop.

The Knight Room: This is our main seminar room and this can only be accessed via an external staircase. We also have a small meeting room, the Lambert Room, which is only accessible via an internal staircase.