How to Apply

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Courses and Practicalities

Courses at a glance

Below you can see the range of courses that our students can take, along with which category of student typically might take them. You can click on each course for more information.

Other Research Degrees for ordinands

Ordinands may train at Westcott as candidates on doctoral programmes at any University approved by the Research Degree Panel of Ministry. Ordinands would normally be expected to complete the PhD before ordination. In addition to the PhD, ordinands are required by the House to attend Ministry for Life, participate in contextual training, and to undertake any further studies in order to fulfil any further training expectations required by the House of Bishops.

Fees and Maintenance

Visit the Cambridge Theological Federation website for up-to-date course fees. Annual maintenance charges at Westcott House are also charged.

Students are welcome to join the Westcott community for meals throughout the day. Meals are offered at a subsidised rate. There is limited accommodation available on a first-come-first-served basis. Accommodation is offered at competitive rates. There is a small annual fee for use of the college WiFi as well as for a parking space (if required), and a returnable deposit is required for a key which gives access to the library and other student areas.

Costs for ordinands sponsored by the Church of England are usually covered by the sponsoring Diocese using grants from Ministry. Candidates sponsored for ordained and lay ministries are advised to check with their Diocese about their eligibility for residential training and the financial arrangements around training. Westcott House makes a number of bursaries available each year for ordinands to read for University of Cambridge degrees. You will need to discuss this with us at interview.

For independent students, where the course qualifies for student finance, students can apply for a student loan subject to the criteria set out by the relevant Student Finance body.

The college charge for independent students undertaking ARU degrees at Westcott House is £450pa for part-time students and £900pa for full-time students. (Fees for ordinands are paid directly by the sponsoring diocese.) The college charge contributes to the costs of running the college, including its staffing and maintenance. Amongst other things, this includes the costs of providing you with individual pastoral tutoring, and remote or in-person access to aspects of community life such as chapel services. Accommodation and meals at Westcott House are also available at additional cost. The overnight charge for a standard room (shared facilities) for a current student is £30 in term time, which rises to £46 for overnight accommodation and three meals. Outside of term, meals are not available and the overnight accommodation charge is £45.

For further information about academic and maintenance costs, please contact the admissions office:

Theological Educators

The Church identifies ordinands with aptitude and enthusiasm for teaching theology as part of their future ministry as Potential Theological Educators. Achieving this designation requires demonstrated ability and interest in teaching theology in a variety of contexts: not only at university or theological college level, but also on Diocesan courses for lay ministry, and effective catechesis at parish and deanery level in the service of the Church. If you believe that you are being called to be a Theological Educator, you should discuss this with your DDO as part of your discernment process. If this seems the right calling for you, your Bishops’ Advisory Panel will recommend you for training as a Potential Theological Educator.

Through our strong links with Cambridge University, Durham University and the Cambridge Theological Federation, Westcott House has vast experience and expertise in forming effective theological educators for the Church. If you are interested in exploring how Westcott House might help your vocation to be a theological educator flourish, contact the Tutor for Admissions or admissions office: