Worshipping Together

Every member of the Westcott House community is welcome in our Chapel. Find out more about our services.

Our Purpose

Westcott House exists so that the whole people of God may bear faithful witness to God’s love revealed in Jesus Christ, effectively inspire the renewal of the Church, and participate confidently and imaginatively in God’s mission of justice and reconciliation in the world. We seek to prepare people for public ministry and discipleship who are:

  • Open to Christ and to those whom they are called to serve, with a hunger to see the Kingdom of God grow through creative partnerships in ministry and mission.
  • Holy and faithful, rooted in a life of sustaining prayer, nourished by Word and Sacrament, generously open to the breadth of the Church, and passionate to share the Good News.
  • Wise and instinctive, immersed in the riches of the Christian tradition, adaptive to the complex demands of diverse contexts and unknown futures, and collaborative in ministry and mission.
  • Compassionate and effective, responsive to the world and its needs in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Westcott House is a diverse and inclusive Anglican theological college rooted in the sacramental tradition and located in the heart of Cambridge, England. We are drawn together to nurture people’s growth in grace, assured that ‘the One who calls is faithful’ (1 Thess. 5:24).

We exist to equip the whole people of God for the faithful and wise renewal of the Church and for the common good of society. We prepare people for licensed ministries in the Church, help people deepen their discipleship, offer continuing professional development for those already in ministry, and refreshment opportunities for the whole people of God.

In our common life, we integrate worship, study, service, and fellowship to equip people with a hunger for ministry and mission, the pursuit of social justice, and growing the whole people of God in grace.

Coming to Westcott provided an opportunity to meet with people who like me, were called to serve God in His Church, and yet they were very un-like me, from backgrounds different to my own, and with very different understandings of God, and how God was calling them to serve. The quality of formal teaching was excellent, but it was also from each other that we learnt who we truly were, and were prepared for the life of ministry in the Church.

Revd Canon Chris Newlands Former Vicar of Lancaster Priory and Prolocutor for the Province of York