Training Pathways

Westcott House offers a wide range of pathways to suit students' different learning styles and experience.

Why Westcott?

The founding vision of Westcott House was to serve the Church of England by preparing people for ministry. That vision continues to inspire us today. We want your time with us to do the best possible job of preparing you for the ministry God has called you to and resourcing you through the years that you serve – whatever path your vocation leads you on. That means doing our best to ensure that this community offers patterns of living, worship, community, study and reflection that lay the foundations for years of flourishing ministry. It also means listening carefully to the church at every level – so that we continue to be rooted in the life of the church as it is now, and are looking forward prayerfully and hopefully to see how the church will serve in years to come.

We believe that God is at work in the world to reveal his kingdom and that the vocation of the Church, by God’s grace, is to share in that work. The beauty of our worship, the love underpinning our pastoral care, the depth of our engagement with scripture and theology, our commitment to seeking the welfare of the places where God calls us – all of these are ways God uses our service so that his kingdom can break through.

If that is the work of the church, which we at Westcott share in, then the specific vocation of Westcott House is to resource the church by preparing women and men for the ministries God calls them to in all kinds of church communities. There is real passion for that work here – right across the staff team, in the current community of students, partners and families, and in our wider networks of alumni and supporters. Our longstanding connections with the Diocese of Manchester and with churches, chapels and other organisations in and around Cambridge.

If you join us, you will join a community where we all share the work of resourcing you for ordained or licensed ministry – because we know that whatever contexts you serve in in future, you will be called to share leadership and ministry with others. You will also join a community that is rooted in depth of commitment to prayer and worship – because we know that this is at the heart of every flourishing church community. Last but not least, you will be part of a community that seeks wisdom in our ministerial practice, bringing study into conversation with context – because this is how you will be resourced to ‘read’ the places where you minister and to share with others in transforming them.

At Westcott House we rejoice in knowing and sharing God’s love in inclusive and hopeful community. That’s what we want to resource our students to do as they go on from this place too – to know that God’s love has changed the world and continues to do so; and to build the habits and skills that will mean they can follow where God calls them and share with others in the work of transforming lives and communities.

If you would like to know more about how studying at Westcott House might be part of your journey with God do get in touch. We hold regular open days for potential students wanting to learn more, we are happy to interview candidates for ordained ministry either before or after BAP, and we welcome enquiries from independent students at any time. Email us on and we’ll take it from there.

“Westcott House continues to offer one of the most encouraging spectacles in the Church of England – a large group of young, gifted, committed people, from all social and professional backgrounds, who are actively exploring God’s call to ordained ministry in the Church.”

LORD WILLIAMS OF OYSTERMOUTH Former Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge