We take accessibility seriously

Accessible Navigation: Menus have been designed on the Westcott House website to allow users to navigate using keyboard controls if they need to. You can access dropdown menus by clicking or tabbing to and pressing enter. Default browser outline states remain active to clearly indicate tab position.

Font Sizing: Sizing of web page text and elements can be increased or decreased by using the browser zoom functions.

Helping screen readers: Where possible, this website has been coded to include page landmarks with ARIA roles assigned to them in order to improve the functionality of the Westcott Housewebsite on screen reader devices.

Accessible text contrast: The article text on the Westcott House website archives an AA rating for accessible colour contrast which helps with readability.

No advertising tracking scripts. This website contains no use of advertising tracking scripts to store your data or market digital products to you.

Reporting accessibility problems with this website

If you have any questions or concerns about the accessibility of the Westcott House website, please contact us by email on