Revd Dr Naomi Wormell

Tutor in Old Testament, Tutor for Learning Support, Safeguarding Officer
Tel: 01223 272977

Naomi is a parish priest, currently with four rural parishes and works part-time at Westcott as the Tutor in Old Testament, Tutor for Learning Support and Safeguarding Officer.

Naomi teaches TMM1021 Introduction to Old Testament, BTh11 Reading the Christian Bible, BTh23 Old Testament Studies and is one of the staff contributing to L5 and L6 Old Testament biblical book papers (on a three-year rotation).

She serves as a member of the SpLD Committee and was previously a member of the Cambridge Academic Oversight Group.

Naomi’s interests are in Old Testament, particularly Pentateuch, children’s spirituality, and lifelong learning/education in the community.