Revd Canon Professor James Walters

James is an elected member of the Church of England General Synod which appointed him to the Council of Westcott House. He is the Chair of the Council’s Curriculum Development sub-committee and serves as a member on the Standing sub-committee.

James is Chaplain and a Senior Lecturer at the London School of Economics and Political Science and founding director of the LSE Faith Centre.

He studied theology at Cambridge University and was a member of the community at Westcott House from 2003-2007. He has published several books including Loving Your Neighbour in an Age of Religious Conflict (Jessica Kingsley, 2019) Religious Imaginations: How Narratives of Faith are Shaping Today’s World (ed.) (Gingko Library, 2018) and a theological engagement with the work of the French philosopher Jean Baudrillard (Bloomsbury, 2012).

James is a member of the Academic Board of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Examination in Theology and an associate of the St Paul’s Institute. He is an Honorary Canon of Chichester Cathedral.