Rose Hill

Title: Defining and Exploring Disaffiliation in Welsh LGBTQIA+ Anglicans.

The objective of this research is to uncover and analyse the voices and experiences of disaffiliating LGBTQIA+ Christians specifically that of Welsh Anglican or Ex-Anglican individuals documenting their experiences of disaffiliation in their words in the form of journals that will be compiled by participants over a period of three months.

This research will seek to make central voices that may have been hidden or ignored by the institutional church. These voices, as members or one-time members, are part of the very Body of Christ and thus it is imperative that their stories are treated like sacred testimony. This developing methodology will seek to treat the participants’ stories as sacred scripture and a precious offering that may support the Church in Wales in its endeavours to become an increasingly inclusive and diverse community.

Supervisors: Dr Karen O’Donnell and Dr Katie Cross (University of Aberdeen)