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Short Course: Scripture and Violence, 29 May 10-1pm

Bookings are open for a half-day online course in Scripture and Violence.

Course Information

This short course will discuss strategies for engaging with violent-sounding scriptural texts. As Christians, how do we grapple with Bible passages about stoning, battles, and war?

The interactive session, with Dr Julia Snyder, will provide tips for thinking about challenging scriptural texts. We will also learn about some traditional Jewish approaches to these texts, and consider the role scriptural texts play in shaping societal perspectives on religion today.

The session will include opportunity for conversation.

Dr Julia Snyder is Lecturer in New Testament at Westcott House. Her research focuses on early Christianity with an interest in storytelling practices in the early Christian movement and in exploring what ‘being Christian’ meant to various different people in the ancient world. Actively engaged in the area of interfaith relations, Dr Snyder is part of the Cambridge Interfaith Programme and co-leader of the Scripture & Violence Project, which explores common assumptions about the relationships between scriptural texts and real-world acts of violence.

Course Details

  • Date: 29 May 2024
  • Time: 10-1pm
  • Mode: Online
  • Cost: £40 GBP

Booking Information

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